Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updatding!!! My life has been comsumed with my sisters upcoming wedding = ) I'm her MOH so that means she's been keeping me pretty busy! But I love wedding planning so I don't mind. I'm even seriously considering becoming a wedding planner! Anyone need one??

OMG I do have one piece of tres exciting and the BF (btw BF will now be referred to as F-FI) are going to meet my ring in person this weekend. Yeap you heard/read (whatev -lol-) I'm going ring shopping (YAY ME!) I've already fallen in love with one but I want to meet her in person to make sure, cause you know what the wonders of photo-shopping can do these days. I don't want to order Porctia but have Ellen show up on my doorstep! (No, offense to Ellen, just not my type -lol-)

Yeah I need to go to bed, don't worry once I finish this I'm going = p

♥ B

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smiley Sunday



*Jane Austen

*Bubble Bath in my old Victorian bath tub (miss it!!!!)

*Shabby Chic

* Reading trashy historical romance

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 I resized my button (again hehe) it's a better size now, so if you want to grab a smaller version here you go....
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Once Upon A Time....

(A little late sorry hehe)

First let me introduce you to my cast of characters.

Princess Christine- Beautiful, charming, funny, smart (but suffered from the occasional 'blonde moments'), funny, love to travel,  and of course loved to shop.

Falcore- The princess's luck dragon. To Princess Christine Falcore was more then a mere pet, she was her baby, the love of her life.

Prince Danger- Upon their first meeting the Prince told our dear Princess that his middle name was Danger and since this tome refers to it's key players by their middle name (to protect their true identities) He shall be called "Prince Danger".

(**Note from Bunny** The following is an excerpt form my novel that is a major WIP)

Once upon a time in a land far far a way....

There lived a beautiful Princess named Christine. Princess Christine was born knowing she was royalty.  She was never seen without a tiara on her head (it's rumored she even slept in one, but that just silly peasant talk. Everyone knows one can not sleep in a tiara it would be mess up ones hair!)

Like all princesses she grew up hearing and loving the story of the great bard, Disney. Her favorite of his tales was Cinderella. She was a true hopeless romantic, that is as long as that romance stayed in the fictional world for once it step over into real life the princess despised romance. She even once yelled at her escort to Andalasia's royal ball because he opened the carriage door for her. Princess Christine made sure to inform all of her would be suitors that she was perfectly capable of opening her own doors, pulling out her owns chairs, and taking care of herself (thank you very much!).  One prince even had the audacity of trying to slay her beloved Falcore!!! He was promptly banished! Princess Christine didn't think that was a harsh enough punishment, she thought that evil prince should've been feed to Falcore!!!

Her favorite song was by the chartreuse Miss Kelly of Clarkson "Miss Independent".

Princess Christine had many princeses pass through her life but she never really took any of them too seriously. Save one that is, Prince Ross.

Prince Ross was Princess Christine's Achilles heal. But their tale is for another day. Let's just say in the end Prince Ross turned out not to be the knight in shining aumor, rather a loser in aluminum foil. He was an impostor prince and undeserving of the amazing Princess Christine.

Princess Christine and Falcore were happy together just the two of them. And she thought that's how it would always be. Just her and her luck dragon with the occasional fling with a prince but never anything to serious.

That is until...

See you next week ;- )

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