Thursday, September 24, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updatding!!! My life has been comsumed with my sisters upcoming wedding = ) I'm her MOH so that means she's been keeping me pretty busy! But I love wedding planning so I don't mind. I'm even seriously considering becoming a wedding planner! Anyone need one??

OMG I do have one piece of tres exciting and the BF (btw BF will now be referred to as F-FI) are going to meet my ring in person this weekend. Yeap you heard/read (whatev -lol-) I'm going ring shopping (YAY ME!) I've already fallen in love with one but I want to meet her in person to make sure, cause you know what the wonders of photo-shopping can do these days. I don't want to order Porctia but have Ellen show up on my doorstep! (No, offense to Ellen, just not my type -lol-)

Yeah I need to go to bed, don't worry once I finish this I'm going = p

♥ B

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Miss Angie said...

Ooo! Congratulations!

I'm my sisters MOH too, and it's making me crazy. She's become Bridezilla. More power to you for wanting to become a wedding planner, it's too taxing for me! :P

two_spoiledprincesses said...

Oh no, I'm really lucky my sister isn't a Bridezilla (at least not yet -lol-).