Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Die..

So, this year Halloween (one of my fav holidays, I mean what girly girl doesn't love to dress up!) will be spend on the "Big Boat" (what my baby niece call the cruise ship). My whole fam and I will be setting sail to celebrate my sister saying "I do" in Key West.

This leaves me with a problem...what to be! After narrowing down choice I decided to be Rachel Zoe. This was the only one of my options that required the least amount of "extras" to be added to my limited packing space. (My daddy refuses to pay the extra bags fee!! He doesn't understand the my hair and make -up alone could fill one bag!! -lol-)

For me the only "extras" I need to acheive a Rachel look are a Fur vest and a Starbucks cup (thanks to us Americanizing the whole world I'll be able to get one when we dock in Mexico =p ) I already have fur vest (real and vintage thanks to my Grandma!) I can't wait to walk around acting like my fav stylist all day. It's going to be BA NA NAS!!!

Who are you going to channel this Halloween??

♥ B

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Miss Angie said...

Haha! FUN! I guess I didn't realize you were her sister... :P Lucky you guys!