Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I ♥ Lists (Updated as of Oct 13)

So the BF said it's not too early for this (mostly because it will give him time to save up hehe) so heres my Christmas list....

* I like it
** I really like it
 ***Love it
****OOOOOooobessed must have

-Himalayan Kitten****

-Private ***

-Either a replacement Tiffany bracelet or mine fixed ****

- Ebay gift card (So I can buy Lilly off of Ebay = ) ) ****

- Target gift card *

-An embosser  ** and a 1/2

- A necklace / bracelet/ ring from Betsey Johnson **

-Nadara- Sunset in brown shoes from Journey's *** and a 1/2

♥ B

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Miss. Candy said...

And where shall this fuzzy ball of cuteness live? lol!

Miss Angie said...

Very nice list! And that is a darling kitten!