Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Santa, Let Me Explain...

After seeing The Adventures of Candy Graham post, I got inspired to write one of my own.

So, here are 5 other laps (besides Santa) that I'd like to visit this year...

1.) Matthew McConaughey -- Now, I don't usually go for the whole muscle look but boy is fine and he has that adorable Southren accent to boot. Best of all he has this lovely little habit of playing the bongos nekkie. OH LA LA!

2.) Gabe Saporta -- I'm ooooobesssed with Jewish boys why I don't know but I am. So on top of already having that going for him he can sing, play the guitar, dresses well, is extremely intelligent and above all else is funny as hell. All things I look for in a guy.

3.) Carey Grant -- Funny and hott

4.) Harris Ford -- BONJOUR! The man just keeps getting hotter. And he was fucking Han Solo and Indy!!!! I'd hunt Nazis or take a spin on the Millenium Falcon with him any day!

5.) Ewan McGregor -- Oh, that accent. mmmmmmmmm

Runners-Up not quite top 5 but too good not to mention...

Adam Sandler -- Like I said above I love funny Jewish boys. And look at how cute he looks in his glasses

Matthew Lillard -- Don't judge -lol-

♥ B

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Miss. Candy said...

Harrison Ford is a hot old dude!!! lol!! Maybe Matthew could be my neighbor so I can be a peeping tom-ette!