Saturday, December 26, 2009

My List...

Recently I came across a really great idea to make a list of goals. Because when you write things down it makes this more real and more likely to happen. (these are just in random order by the way)

1.) Ballet class--I really really really miss dancing!

2.) Move to London or DC

3.) Travel to Italy, Paris, London

4.) Go to church every Sunday

5.) Graduate Grad school

6.) Get A's and B's in all my Grad classes

7.) Get my dream outreach job at a museum

8.) Brush up on my French (I want to stay fluent)

9.) Do something creative everyday

10.) Live each day with joy and positivity

11.) Stay close with God--Praise and go to Him in both good and bad times

♥ B

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Miss. Candy said...

Great list, make it happen girl!!!