Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hunnie, Baby, Sweetie...

At the grocery store today the guy behind me said "oh babe I think that self check out is opened" and it got me thinking about how much I love it when guys use cute names on me and how I just don't understand how some Fem-Nazis hate it!

To me it's a sign of endearment, not an insult or put down. It makes me smile every time I hear it.

I used to me one of those ladies who HATED when a guy would open the door for me. I always thought "How dare you! I can open my own damn door, thank you very much" but then I read this...

"A southern belle is a girl who knows full and well that she can open a door for herself but prefers for the gentleman to do it because it demonstrates a sense of respect. After all, every girl wants to be treated like a princess. We know how to make sweet tea and grits while telling you everything about any football team in the SEC. We pick our battles and fight with the heart of a pit bull while still maintaining grace and elegance. Our mystique is that of a soft-spoken, mild-mannered southern bell who could direct any army, loves her momma and will always be daddy's little girl."

I was like OMG that's sooo true!!!

Enjoy it ladies!!! It's a nice compliment and there are WAY worse things that guy could do then call you hunnie as he opens your door!

♥ B

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen...

I just heard some truely heartbreaking new, Alexander McQueen passed away today (on the eve of London's Fashion Week).

For those of you who didn't spend your undergrad studying fashion, Alexander McQueen was an absolutely brilliant British designer.

I ADORE his work! He was truly a great artist his designs and shows were always awe inspiring. This is an immense loss for the fashion world.

Alexander, fashionistas all around the world greatly miss you. My thoughts and prayer are with your friends and family.

Even though he is no longer with us he will live on through the fabulous art he created.

♥ B

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I want to see this movie!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sex On Toast...

Since, like most of you I'm snowed in right now I thought I'd do my part to melt some of that nasty snow the best I know how...David Tennant videos...mmmm enojoy! (I know I will -lol-)

♥ B

p.s. I TOTALLY forgot about that Avril song and how much I love it until I found that video

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME...

My birthday is coming up this month so I thought I'd drop a few hints on my blog as to what I would like to unwrap after I blow my candles out...

Henry VIII Mug

TARDIS cellie charm

Monogramed make-up case

Lilly Pulitzer Peacock dress (can't find it anywhere = ( )

Bookbook case for Pomme

♥ B