Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wasted Day

So today, I have yet to accomplish anything even remotely considered productive. I haven't gotten dressed, or really done anything (except walk back and forth looking at things that need to be done). I haven't even watched TV or anything. I have -- been on the computer most of the day. Looking at ********** *****. But, I can't find anything, and it just makes me angry. There are literally small piles of messes everywhere. Dirty dishes. Garbage. Pop cans. Beer bottles. Not like disgustingly dirty, but cluttered. It needs cleaned, but I can't find the motivation to do so. I'm not exactly sure where the time goes, but it seems to go really fast. So fast, that I have yet to find time to re-paint my nails (which I have been trying to do for like the past 3 days).
I'm excited for classes. I'm going to take this Philosophy class on Love. I think it will be interesting.
Ugh. I feel so blah today. I need something new and exciting. An ideas?

♥ Paris

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