Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Since I'm lazy I'm just now writing about mine and my nieces adventure (aka going to see New Moon). I'm happy to report that I didn't need to beat up any annoying fan girls/creepy mothers.

Me and my niece had an awesome time! I did however wish the BF was there with me so I would have had someone to make dirrty/inappropriate jokes with. Cause the 10 year old wasn't getting it -lol- KIDDING I did NOT tell them to my niece. Nope I was saying them to myself and looking like a jackass as I tried to hold back laughter.

Before I went I read a review that talked about who they couldn't help but see the whole werewolf secert as code for coming out of the closet and OMG I soo see it too!!! When Jacob said "it's not something I chose I was born this way" that was def one of the me looking like a jackass wanting to BF to be there to laugh with times!! Also Bella taking VIRGIN airways to Italy and the gratuitous slow mo of Edward walking with wind blowing on him (you know super model style)  ahahahahahahahhahahaha.

I admit it the werewolf boys were RIIIPPED. I'm not a fan of the whole muscle look but they were looking good. However that is NO excuse for what I head escape the lips of a 'mature' fan when Jacob took his shirt off for the first time (another part that made me LOL) she screamed "WOOO HOOO!" Yeah it's ok to say that shit to yourself but the boy could be her son and she's cat calling him. Ew! I felt bad for her daughter.

In the end I felt the same way about the movie as I did the book. LOVED the beginning and end but the whole werewolf shit and Bella being WAY to codependent parts in the middle I could have done without. If you're not a fan of the books I'd wait until it comes out on DVD (that way you can fast forward through the shitty parts).

The makeup and effects (the sparkle was MUCH better this time around) were better expect...for my poor Jasper's wig. WHAT THE FUCK it was AWWWWWFFFUL!!! Like who's idea was that!?

Like that's really the best they could do??

I'm tres tres tres excited for Eclipse. It was by far my fav book out of the 4 and I have really high hopes for David Slade. (You better not disappoint me David!!!)

Pic time....

Preparing by watching Twilight the night before

Making a headband out of my Team Twitarded button (LOVE those ladies! Sooo funny)

Tissues just in case the break up scene made me cry like when I read the book (it didn't by the way. ) 

Yay! Headbands! 

I also wore my "Edward" lotion I got off of Esty (it's smells really good in case you were wondering). Yeah I was all themed out but in a cute non in your face way -lol-

♥ B