Monday, January 11, 2010

How Embrassing...

I got inspired by this video and thought it'd be fun if all of us write down our most embarrassing moment from High School (God knows we all have them -lol-). I think it's a good reminder that even when we think the world is going to end, that it in fact doesn't; life goes on. We live, learn and after it's all over we can look back and have a good laugh about it all!

First day of high school, I'm looking uber cute. I have on heels, a skirt, and a cute top. I was looking good! I mean had to impress those hott older boys (hehe). I had a tennis match after school that day so not only did I have to carry my purse which was overflowing with my pretty, new school supplies but also I had to carry my big ol' tennis bag. Well, as I was strutting through the doors for the very first time my clumsiness struck! That's right those cute heels got stuck on the strap of my big ol' tennis bag and down I tumbled! I fell flat on my face and all of this happened right in front of a groups of Senior girls... Hey! what can I say I know how to make an entrance!

I now hate tennis and am pretty sure that was the last day I ever play -lol- But I didn't sit there and cry, or run the opposite way and hide. No, I just got up, held my head high, and continued to strut into school = ) Once, I was safely at lunch though I did a lot of freaking out to my friends -lol-

Ladies now it's your turn!!! Either comment your embarrassing story or blog about it! If you choose to blog about it make sure you leave a comment and link back to me so I know and can read it =)

Oh, and Emma you're sooo participating!!! If you don't write you're own story I'll write one for you =p

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Miss. Candy said...

Losing my top at Kings Island infront of my dad and his friends. But I didn't notice until:

The boy came up to me and said: Can I help with your problem?

Me: What problem?

Boy pointing to my chest: That problem!!!

I try to cover up the girls, but it was to late, all the world saw my tiny ta tas and it was also video taped!!!