Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Tonight the BF surprised me with roses. I know I normally hate surprises but really I only hate the non-random kind, you know the ones where someone says "Oh, I can't wait for your birthday its going to be awesome!!!" Those I hate cause they make me feel out of the loop and I can think of nothing else but way to figure out what's going on!!! But random surprises are always nice.

Here's hoping all of you get some fun random surprises this week. And if you don't have a DH or BF to buy you them (or even if you do) then buy yourself a little random surprise!!!

♥ B

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Miss. Candy said...

Awww, how sweet!!! I am so happy for you!! What is a DH?

two_spoiledprincesses said...

it stands for Darling or Damn Husband (depending on what day it is lol)

<3 B