Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bonjour Dolls!!

So last night (at 3am YAY insomnia!!) I had this aaamazing idea to start a blog with my bff.

It's going to be about our adventures now that we've both graduated form college and our once lovely parents have deiced after a lifetime of spoildness we need to stand on our two feet (trust me a tres scary thought)! So that's where the title of our lil blog came from, the confessions of two spoiled princesses....learning how to conquer the "real world" own their own, together. It's also going to be about just us in general and all our random drama -lol-

Our first goal with this whole thing is to just use it as a way to not only keep in touch with each other but also help ourselves figure out and make it through this with out going crazy! -lol-

Our second goal is a little less serious it's to become famous (lol) that way we can say goodbye to our day jobs and hello once again to a life of spoiled bliss =-p (just kidding....kinda)

I hope your enjoy reading about our adventure! And maybe one day another lost little princess will stumble upon this and realize she's not alone and if we can do she can too!!!!

Bunny --That's my nome de plume....in an atempt to protect the innocent (and not so innocent) we will be using one of these for everyone -lol-

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