Thursday, May 21, 2009

Since you're stalking me . . . again lol

I am in love with these! My greatest love is for the bottom left one though. (heart-shaped diamond) But, I would take any of them in .25 seconds. Sure, they're a little (ok, a lot) pricey. But, they're pretty and they come in a pretty red box. Yes, I said red not blue. Make no mistake, these are not Tiffany diamonds. Although Tiffany's is pretty, they're not very unique. These are Cartier rings. "The Solitaire Love", (top) the "Lanieres Trinity" (bottom right) or the “You're Mine”. (bottom left).
Lol and they don't tell you the price until you get there to look at them. So, um, yeah. But, I'm adorable and way worth it! At least, I think so. hah.

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