Thursday, May 21, 2009

There's No Place Like Home...

I'm back home now. I love coming home. I just miss my Toto waaayyy to much when I'm away. I also love my house in the summer time. I can't lay out or read on my cute lil tree swing on a sunny day at school...well at least not with out getting unwanted attention. Seriously as much as I bitch about living in the country I think I'm going to miss it (at least during summer) when I move to the big city (does DC count as a big city??) At least I have my ruby red slippers (the ones I wore EVERYDAY when I was little. I prolly went through 20 pairs!!! -lol-) So home won't ever be far away.

oOo I have two very good pieces of news to report darling fans....
1.) I got my cum gpa up to a 3.0 which means I'm free to apply to grad school for the spring and I don't have to take that tres scary GRE test (eeekk!). Now, I just have to convince ma mere et mon pere that a masters in art history is a good invertment/idea. Any sugestions would be greatly apperiated = )

2.) It seems one aspect of my spoiled life has not yet disapeared. My mommy is taking me to get my hair done next week !!!! Cheers to being a full blonde again ♥ Something tells me I better take FULL advantage of this while I still can -lol-

Today has been good so far. I'm finally feeling better (I was sick for like a week straight). I got do something creative. Which I've been DYING to do for sometime now. My sister and I went one of those paint a pot places and painted things she made a present for your B/F, and I made a leopard print picture holder. I think I'm going to sign up to take scrap booking classes over the summer. I ♥ creating things and I really need to finsih my scrap book.

Alright well my mini me is here so I better go play with her. She's tres excited because I'm taking her to her school picnic next week = )

♥ Bunny
p.s. Partner in Crime I LOVE the name of the one ring (You're Mine) to cute! And I think your nome de plume should be... Paris, or Penelope hehe

p.p.s Can you please give me one moment to be a fan girl. Thank you. Ok.....
So, last night I read that there would be no "marry me first" in New Moon what the mother effing hell! I didn't believe it because that bitch of a screen writer honestly couldn't be that dumb...or could she. Well I went and found/downloaded the leaked new moon script and sure enough it wasn't there......... Now, this was only a 2nd draft of the script and from December so lets all pray she has came to her senses since then. But if she hasn't I hope she, Stephanie, and Summit are prepared for the INSANELY crazy, bad, and intense back lash from us fans! We demand our ooooy goooy cute lines and scenes they're what makes us all love Twilight so much!
**It's safe I'm not longer in Fan Girl mode, thank you for letting me get that out**

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