Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After reading about my BFF's grand idea from this blog, I decided to write a little bit about the past few days I've had. I think this blog will be my new blog of choice instead of MySpace. (I'll discuss why later.) Talk about a reality check. Ugh. I had to move out of my super cute apartment (fireplace, spare bedroom, nice carpet, lovely bay window, dining room, the works) and I moved upstairs to . . . not a shit hole per say, but it's definately not very cute. About a week ago, I spent the whole day scrubbing the walls and floors. It was disgusting! You can not imagine the dirt in this place. First, there's no carpet it's all hardwood floors. Which you think would be cute except for the floors have been run to hell. I just don't like it, and I don't have nearly even enough money to begin to fix it up like I'd want it.
Anway, skipping ahead . . . why am I not blogging on MySpace you ask? Well, first off, I totally agree on the idea that our blog should be beome famous, and that's not happening on Myspace. Secondly, this blog is more private. And since I'll be coaching high school girls in the fall, I really don't want any parents on my ass lol. So, there you have it loyal reader. I figure Bunny is the only one reading this right now. lol.
Might I just add that boyfriends make no sense. Get this -- yesterday afternoon, my significant other decides to ask for a risque picture of me while he's at work. I refuse because #1 he's around other people at work. #2 I know he has downloaded pictures of other girls on his phone, and I do not want to be part of the "collection". So, he has the nerve to be smart with me after I tell him these reasons, and be like "oh, you're no fun. just forget it. if you feel like sending it later let me know." Very charming. I know. He's such a sweetheart. So, later on he gets home, and I'm watching the season finale of Gossip Girl. It's the moment we've all been waiting for. Chuck and Blair. Big moment. He has flowers, gifts, and an oh-so-cute-smirk on his face. My bf sits down, watches this ending, and is like . . . "well, after that I need to do something manly." Wait just a second. Confessing your love is manly. It's men afraid of committment that do not say "I love you". It's man-whores who also do not utter that phrase. Men who are too afraid to "hang up the tackle box" be there's "so many fish in the sea". I love you is the step from carefree, beer chugging, party-boy, ladies-man to committed, caring, soul-connected, lover. If I'd have to choose, the "I love you" guy is much more grown-up aka "manly" than the think-for-yourselfer. A real man is unafraid to show his emotions. He knows what women want . . . (lol Mel Gibson) . . . flowers, gifts, to be adored and swept off their feet. Last night, Chuck was a man who finally got it. I wish someone would follow in his footsteps.
After his comment, I told him he was a dick and asked him if it was his whole goal to be an ass tonight. I got no response, but he did go do the dishes. Lol. Uh-huh. That's what I thought biotch! (just kidding....kinda)
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