Monday, June 15, 2009

My New BFF

Since I start my internship tomorrow I thought I should find out a lil background info on my BFF for the Summer, Mary Todd Lincoln. Now, at first I wasn't too excited about this because let's face it when you think of fun, interesting, fashionable first ladies Miss Mary doesn't exactly jump in your mind. Well, after a little reading I discovered me and Mary have much more in common then I first though. She's actually quite interesting too.

What brought on this change of heart?? Well, that's simple Mary and I have bonded. Over what you may ask. That would be the most surprise thing I found out you see we share a love for shopping and extravogant/flashy things in life. We also boned over the unavoidable side effect of that card deb = /

Mary was def a fashionista and shopohlic. She always wanted to have the best and most extavagant gowns and jewlry. And like most of us shopaholics her love of the finer things caused her to have a lil bit of debt from shopping = )

"I must dress in costly materials. The people scrutinize every article that I wear with critical curiosity. The very fact of having grown up in the West, subjects me to more searching observation. To keep up appearances, I must have money -- more than Mr. Lincoln can spare for me. He is too honest to make a penny outside of his salary; consequently I had, and still have, no alternative but to run in debt." Conversation with Elizabeth Keckley in the summer of 1864. SOURCE: Behind the Scenes, Or, Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House by Elizabeth Keckley (New York, Penguin Books, 2005), p. 66.

I'm no longer dreding spending my summer getting to know Miss Mary. I'm actually looking forward to it.

♥ B

p.s. so yeah my doctor that I HATE told me today that everything is perfect and has no idead why I feel like I'm dying so I now have to go to a specialist........................

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