Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So, I wasn't a big fan of the new director, Chris Weitz, until I read the interview he did for

Here's my fav part....
Q. You’re a very visual director. What’s your vision for New Moon?
A. We’ve got an amazing visual effects team. The whole idea is to use the full palette of colors, to have our shadows be very dark and to have our colours be very rich so that we can experience the full range of emotional texture. The idea is that this will look like a Victorian narrative painting in a way, with those medieval jewel-like colours as well as very glossy deep blacks, and for the composition of the frames to be classical. In some ways, this is going to be a rather old-fashioned film. There are elements that incorporate the latest technology and there are things that are very dynamic in the action scenes. But it’s more Dr. Zhivago than Iron Man.

Now I'm tres excited times a million. And I guess 30 Days of Night was an aaamazing film visually (even if the ending BLEW). He is now forgiven for the past hanus comment towards the Twilight Saga.

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**Correction** David Slade, the director of Eclipse (my second only to the first fav book of the saga) is the one who did 30 Days Of Night. Sorry!

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