Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scarlett O'Hara--The Prefect Role Model

Scarlett has taught me soo many important life lessons but the most important one (and the one I'm going to share with you today) is don't waste all your time on Ashley because he's never going to leave Millie for you and in then end it will cost you, your soulmate, Rhett.

With all the false hope most movies, and books give us girls, Scarlett's there to tell us the truth. In real life Mr. Big doesn't come to rescue you in Paris, let alone marry you. Nope, I'm sorry to say that but like Ashley, Mr. Big would end up with someone else and leave you chasing endless after someone who will never truly love you. Now, I know the Ashley's are cute and the seem to be the prefect, clean cut, can bring him home type but underneath that they're actually jerks!!! They lead us poor Scarletts on and on knowing full well they're never going to leave their Melanies (no matter how silly and boring they are!!! I know I know I don't get what they see in them either!)

And you know what I don't really care let the Melanies have the dumbass Ashleys!! Ashley would have never helped Scarlett get out of Atlanta while it was burning, He was just too moral to have stolen the horses, and forget jumping through flames and all the other fancy action hero stuff Rhetty did to get Scarlett out safely!

But Rhett did!! Yes, Rhett has his flaws too but he's exciting, hott, and he truely loves Scarlett! And lets face it Rhett is a waaayyyy better name for a hunk then Ashley!!!!

The point I want my fellow princesses to gain from this little rant is please don't screw over Rhett for Ashley because if you do it one too many times you'll find yourself watching him walk away after he finally says "Frankly, My Dear I don't give a damn" ['Frankly' isn't in the book but I like the line better that way = ) ]

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Scarlett: Sir, you are no gentleman.
Rhett Butler: And you, Miss, are no lady.

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