Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Best 4 (5 -lol-) Years Of My Life Are Over....Now What!

So I'm officially done with college and now I'm left with the question "what next".....with all the crazy thoughts/emotions that are running through me I can't help but think "thank god for my bestest" it's soooo insanely nice to have someone who's right there with you. Some who truly understands what's going on and will listen! Paris I don't know what I'd do with out you during this time of my life, I'd prolly go crazy that's what I do! -lol-

Last night my bestest told me about this sad but soooo true moving coming out called Post Grad and OMG soooo the story of my life right now! My fav line was when someone asked her what she was doing now and she answers "oh I'm keeping my options open" and the other girl goes "Oh, so you're unemployed" I laugh then sighed -lol- I can't wait to go see it with her. We're hoping that the happy ending the main character has (cause you know it will all turn out alright in the end) will give us hope!!!

Trying to figure out where to go to grad school are honestly harder then figuring out where I wanted to go to college was! I think I finally have a plan though, I'm going to apply to start the History program at School 1 -that way I'll have a "safety net" while I figure out my definite plans.

Job.....yeah I don't know unfortch the places I would LOVE to work either aren't hiring or they want somone with 8-10 years of teaching experiance!! REALLY! cause I'm sure I could totally handle working with the kids programs at a museum right now, no actual 'teaching experience.' I was thinking about applying anyway and hoping they're desperate enough to give me an interview. Cause I'm awesome at selling myself I just need a way to get into the interview! (I just made myself sound like a hooker -lol-)

So yeah I'm going to go put more stuff on Amazon and Ebay, HEY I have to do something until I get a job or someone decides to pay me and Paris for writting our awesome blog!

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