Sunday, August 16, 2009

Too Effing Cute!

While catching up on my reading (aka reading the blogs I go to Daily, some like newspapers, I read blogs -l0l-). Anyways on Cakewrecks (if you don't already go there go IMMEDIATELY after reading this its hilarious!!!) they had a post awhile back about awesome Star Wars cakes and the one had the cutest ewok cupcakes that I'm soooooo making tonight!!!!

Aren't they presh!!! I love ewoks, not only are they cute but they can totally kick some ass too!

I'll post pics of how mine turn out later. So check back! I know the suspense will just be killing you ;- )

♥ B

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Miss. Candy said...

Ewoks rock! Grandma Betty bought me one for Christmas one year, I LOVED it!! You better save one of those tasty guys for me!!!