Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Little Bit About Me.....

Just something I thought would be fun....

Things I am Passionate About

-My dog
-Taking bubble baths (I miss my vintage Victorian bath tub :'- ( )
-Being creative
-Organizing things
-Jane Austen (I only recently discovered her and I have NO clue how I lived without her all these years!!!)

Things I Want To Do Before I Die
-Live in Europe for at least a year
-Live in DC
-Own (with money I earned myself) a Victorian Dollhouse in Massachusetts or Virginia
-Have my 15 mins and take full advantage of it
-Finish and publish my novel (it's about my men but set in the 17th century, yeah I'm a dork)

Things I Say Often
-Like (thanks to my life long obsession with Clueless)
-Sorry, blonde moment
-Quel surpise (and various other random French phrases)
-Obvi (it drives the BF crazy!!!! so I want to say it more -lol-)

Books I Have Read Lately
In order.....
-Emma (just started)
-Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict
-Jane Austen Ruined My Life
-Twilight Saga

Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over
This changes daily but right now.....
-Bodybag, Hit the Lights
-Cheater Cheater, Joey and Rory
-Scotty Doesn't Know, Lustra
-My Girl's Ex Boyfriend, Relient K.
-San Dimas High Football Rules, Ataris

Things That Attract Me to My Best Friend
-ALWAYS makes me laugh
-Understands my humor (even though people think we're annoying together...whatev!)
-Listens to my boy drama
-Gives me advice when I need it
-Ashland nights!
-Vous n'etes pas un robot!
-No matter what were doing, who were with, where we are we ALWAYS have an amazing time together!

Ok Paris now it's your turn.....

♥ B

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cdefinbaugh said...

I am glad to see Cheater, Cheater made it to the list!!!