Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Most AAaaamazing Bra Ever!!!!

I just bought the greatest bra! It's by Sweet Nothings, and came from good old Walmart = p

The part that makes it soo amazing is, it has a built in lace cami piece (or as my mom calls it a "friend for your shirt"). This means if your shirt is a little low the lace shows and it looks like you're wearing a lacy tank, but without the added bulk/discomfort wearing a tank under certain shirts can cause. The bra it's self it suuper comfy too!

I got the black one today but I'm def going back tomorrow and get the white, and peach colored one!! Oh, and the best part it's only $11 !!!!!

You'll should make a pilgrimage to your local Walmart and get one for yourselves!!! The only draw back is if God saw fit to bless you in that area it prolly won't work for you. Because your blessings will cause the cami part to stretch out too much and then the whole point would be lost.

♥ B

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Miss. Candy said...

Just my price!! Going to get it, cuz you know the boob fairy passed me by!!!