Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Dorothy...

...I've got my Ruby Red Slippers on and I'm ready to start walking down the Yellow Brick Road.

I've recently, decided to (finally) hand over the reigns of my life to God. I HATE not being in control but I admit he does know better then I do, and he's never lead anyone wrong before.

What was my reward for this incredibly hard task you ask; well, not only was a weight lifted from me but I also had "A Ha moments" (Don't you just love those) they were:

-I now know that being a curator/program director at a museum will blend all of my passions in life. And therefore be a career I would enjoy.

-I need to just stay around here just until I'm done with Grad school. This way I can get more experience and have more time to figure out where I really want to live. All with the 'safety net' of being by my friends and family.

Right now, I'm applying to both School 1 and School 2 for History. **Fingers Crossed** it works out.

Speaking of working out. God has also been bring one of my fav quotes from one of my fav movies to my mind a lot "It will all work out alright in the end....I don't know it's a mystery"- Shakespeare in Love. This is how I've been feeling about this whole stich. I know it will work out in the end it's the 'how' that's the mystery and the fun part!

Now that I'm on God's Yellow Brick Road, let's hope that me and my Ruby Red Slippers don't go off course and end up being pelted by apples!!!!

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